A New Bible Code ?

A New Bible Code ?

I believe I have discovered a new Bible code. In fact, I am sure of it; if anyone else had done this it would be all over, yet I find nothing on the web.

I am working from a unique database, which shall for the moment remain undisclosed. A database which would never be suspected of harboring any such messages, yet I, with my extensive background in Sciences and Coding, thought it might be so, thus I sought, and found.

ALL of the messages I have been finding have a Biblical or Scriptural inclination, which is very significant.

The fact that there are Scriptural messages in (where I am getting them) conclusively proves, beyond any shadow of doubt or argument, two things:

1] We are the product of Design and Creation, something we (Christians) have always taken by Faith; now it is scientifically and mathematically proven.

2] The Hebrew language existed before man(kind) did. This has long been thought by many scholars, now it is proven. And this can only mean that the Hebrew language is directly from God, and was given to us at some point way back when, probably Abraham, but we may never know.

Some of what I get is nonsense like:

Which suggests that my translation code is not 100% accurate, as I would expect at this point; I need to refine it further.
Also I can't assume google-translate is 100% accurate either.

But some meaningful phrases like these are also found:

One particular gem I found seems to refer directly to Jesus:

I dont know who [Allen] is, and who is [I], but the rest looks like an instruction to follow Jesus, (be a son of God)
so that you and your descendants (son) would be liberated from [the law], (saved from the Torah),
which is the Gospel message!

And I dont quite know what to make of this:

What is very intriguing is that some phrases can be read in both directions; Hebrew normally reads right to left, but sometimes it can be read left to right also; and the meanings of the 2 phrases relate to the same topic; perhaps this is a unique peculiarity of the Hebrew language, I don't know, but here are a few examples I have found:

And from a unique and significant "subset" of the database:

Clearly there is a code here, but the sentences seem to be scrambled, like partial nonsense; I believe my translation code needs more development, or it may be due to inefficiency in google-translate, as remarkable as it is.

With Hebrew, as complex as it is, it might be expected to get random words, or semi-meaningless strings of 2,3 maybe 4 words, when translating from a given database. But entire long sentences with a Scriptural inclination? No. There IS a code here, and I can only get so far with google-translate; I need to find someone totally fluent in Hebrew to work with me on this so I can publish the book, which will shake the world and blow every other Bible code out of the water!

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