The new pentafluorosulfanyl process I helped develop while working for UBE America is
the first and only practical and economic process for the production of these
compounds suitable for wide application and industrial scale up

Currently used processes are limited in the scope of production, and variety of substrates;
the compounds made thereby are also often prohibitively expensive. This new process
can convert a wide variety of readily available (or easily synthesized) aromatic thiols
and disulfides to the corresponding pentafluorosulfanyl compounds
. Compounds made
thereby will be priced acceptably and available in quantity.

The two step procedure is illustrated below. A very easy (albeit technique-intensive!)
reaction first results in the isolation of the intermediate chlorotetrafluoro compound.
These noxious compounds have many uses in themselves, including acting as nucleophillic
fluorinating agents. Here they are simply isolated either by distillation or recrystallization:



The second (technique-intensive!) step converts the isolated
intermediate to the desired pentafluorosulfanyl:

For many simple compounds, liquid HF neat results in high yields and relatively easy isolation,
also by distillation or recrystallization. For some substrates, particularly the poly-SF5 compounds,
strong conditions involving antimony [or other metal] fluorides are required.


Some rather interesting compounds can be made thus; compounds which may have considerable
utility in many areas of research. I have made all of the compounds below in quantities of
50g. or more, either directly from appropriate starting material or by standard chemical
manipulations of the SF5 product:



This page [and the linked pages] are to elaborate on my recent research;
research I would like to continue if possible! It is only an outline;
some specific (and critical) details have been omitted.


All of this work is patented; additional patent(s) are pending. It has also been



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