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Check out this cool program I wrote for myself some years ago, and recently updated. This free program will calculate and print out for you many external and terminal ballistics functions. Just enter your values in the fields and select CALCULATE.

The picture below says it all with one of my pet .454 Casull handloads. It is interesting to compare with a major league baseball pitch. For a baseball at 5.125 oz, travelling 90 mph, the momentum is 42 and kinetic energy is 87. You see the .454 Casull load has way more kinetic energy and almost twice the momentum - which is most directly related to recoil.

( Click on the picture to get the program )

Great for comparing loads - and you can print out the results and data to a file on hard disk; print hardcopy also.

It also has a useful millimeter-to-inches (caliber) conversion for bullets.

Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? Uhh ... cause like, the door's open?
Another little toy I wrote for myself and friends at the DZ back in PA around the turn of the century.
( Click on the picture to get the program )

If jumping out of airplanes is too scary you might consider poking around shipwrecks 200+ feet under the North Atlantic.
I haven't been in the water since I moved to Colorado about 13 years ago (too long a drive to the shore from here), but I hope
to get back in some day.

This program will be convenient if you do tech-diving and have advanced (NITROX) certifications; if you don't it will not be of much use.
Look at the picture and decide if you want it, it should be self-explanatory.
Then click on the picture to get the program.

(The term "voodoo" is derived from what we used to call mixed gas diving
in the early days when it was being developed, about 25 years ago)

Play Lotto games? I do occasionally, and being a computer dude I just had to write a program using the random number generator to help with my luck.

There are 3 programs in this package, one for Powerball, and for the Colorado Cash-5 and Lotto.

Good luck!

As with all these programs, they are small and just run without installation or changing anything with your system.

Want to get The Word into your head? The traditional method used handwritten flash cards.

This program brings it into the 21st Century!         Bible Flash Cards Program.

1100 select passages for you.         Scripture FlashCards Program.

Consider this:
The Scripture is chosen by a random number generator.
This is a function of Chaos and Quantum effects, randomness and the flow of electrons,
which is all very mysterious and unpredictable, unfathonable by our senses
and scientific instruments, all at the subatomic level.
Could it be that the Wisdom of Supernatural Forces, guiding your life [if you have Faith]
might "choose" the particular verse(s) you need to hear right now? .......

And don't worry about all the depressing news these days!   Luke 21:28 .......

Want just Psalms and Proverbs? This version of the program has 300 select pearls of wisdom for you:

How about  ALL  the Proverbs - every single one of them - the gift of Eternal Wisdom that keeps on giving .......
Total 567 phrases (they're not all single quotes - some are doubles and multiples),
chosen by random numbers:

Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast;
for it is the number of a man: and his number is Six hundred and sixty and six.
      Revelation 13:18 (ASV).

Check it out! You may be the first to identify the future world leader!

Now this file contains every single word in the English language which evaluates to 666!
[I was finally able to code it using Python]

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